ejb 2.0 cmp tutorial. see Customer ejb.bean name bank/Account type CMP . can you imagine an EJB without a remote or local (EJB 2.0 only) interface Some other  Developing EJB 2.1 Session Beans . Configuring Database Access for Container Managed Persistence . Using the CMP 2 Persistence in Entity Beans . This article explains Entity Beans in EJB(CMP) with an example. Java EE Tutorials · EJB Interview Questions · EJB 3 Web Services · Annotation 2 for the development of EJB is to tackle the problems which arise then. EJB 3 greatly simplifies development by adopting a POJO programming model. Note that JPA replaces EJB 2 CMP Entity beans in the EJB 3 spec, while being  Explain ejb-jar.xml based on ejb-jar 2 0.dtd (J2EE 1.3). The name for an entity bean with cmp-version 2.x must conform to the lexical rules for an NMTOKEN. (Part 1 and 2 worked with RI. Part 3 and 4 worked with WebLogic.) JBoss Port If you don t know what I am talking about see. EJB CMP/CMR  20 Sep 2011 - 13 min - Uploaded by huy le thanhCreate EJB CMP simple application Netbean 5.5, Sun Java System 2 19. EJB 3.1 This chapter provides a quick tutorial that teaches you how to use the SilverStream Application Exercise 2 Deploying your EJB how to use SilverStream to build CMP entity beans it is not intended to teach you EJB theory or best practices. 2. Getting Help and Giving Feedback. 2.1. Do You Need Help 2.2. Give us Feedback. Chapter 1 Configure EJB 2.x Container-Managed Persistence. 20.9.5. 2. Master of Information System Management. 95-702 Distributed Systems From The Java EE Tutorial CMP uses its own Query Language EJB QL. EJB Tutorial. able to understand the concept of saving data and restoring data, but fail to understand container managed persistence. setString( 2, value )

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