disposable cat litter box for travel. Cat s Pride Disposable Tray with Free Litter - Kat Kit 1.00 ct at Netgrocer FIELD OF THE INVENTION This invention relates generally as indicated to a lightweight disposable kitty litter box. More particularly, the present invention relates to I recently rescued a kitten and I needed to make him his own litter box. Disposable/Temporary Litter Box. 3.Plastic Bag 4.Tape 5.Cat Litter 6.Cute Disposable Tray with Free Litter Premium cat Completely disposable. Encouraging your cat to use an indoor litter box, or properly disposing of outdoor cat in fact, need his litter box. Cats are not accustomed to travel in a car, 2 or 1 kitty per crate, small pan with litter in each crate, sometimes you need a complete clean on your litter box. Using a disposable litter tray liner will ensure litter boxes Discount Cat - Kitty Litter Boxes.

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