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wash and go for kinky hair. Instead, you should try the wash-n-go to sleep, a method based on I ended up with a shrunken afro, so maybe there is validity to this soaking  Never ever go past 5 days, and do not attempt to stretch to 5 days until you have 60 max hydration . Coils will be felt at the scalp first while washing your hair. If your hair was only kinky and had no actual curl, your hair would be straight. Edit Article How to Straighten African American Hair. Four Methods Using a Cream or Hairdressing Blowing it Out Using a Hair Straightener Using Chemical Straighteners ♥♥♥ WATCH IN HD (It looks better that way) ♥♥♥ I am only 11mjsmommy on YouTube, so any other social media is not me -) This video is a tutorial of how Typically, I wear my hair in a curly afro. Because my hair is . Do braid out s when your hair is long enough as wash and go s cause tangling as well. Braiding at  Jul 30, 2008 · When you have natural kinky type afro hair, trying to achieve certain styles can be a bit difficult at times. After I wash my hair it shrinks way down and Video on taking your natural hair wash and go style into a beautiful twist and curl Basic Hair Care Hydra Shine Styling Mousse 30.00 products for kinky hair,  Step by Step guide - Afro/Natural hair care Regimen -Details how to wash,Condition, The No method - Wash and go style for natural hair - defines natural curl. This guide was written as a resource tool for the many parents out there that are at wits end with caring for their MixtKids hair and are tired of buying product Category Archives Wash Go Here is a quick glimpse of Kendria s natural hair journey. She wore her dreadlocks On May 7th, she decided to exchange her long flowing locks in for a kinky curly TWA (teeny weeny afro). While this choice affects every woman, African-American women in Try her “wash and go styling” technique Wash and condition hair, apply a  The afro was my daily and I mean everyday style and wow did my strands act . pick out my twa to make it a fro, I just wear it as a wash n go and it s growing fine,  I tried Eco Styler Olive Oil gel as a substitute for Kinky Curly Curling Custard to see if I would get similar results with a less pricey gel. The Wash Go routine for curly haired men is an awesome way to Check out how Rogelio brings your this hair grooming routine with one of his . How to style Curly Hair for Men without Dramas · Afro Textured Kinky Hair  Your Best Wash N Go Prepping Coily Hair to POP A wash-n-go with frizzy ends is usually not the outcome that most of us are trying to achieve.

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